RedCliff Ascent Field Staff Position - Orientation

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It takes a special person to be a RedCliff Employee!

RedCliff Ascent has an intensive field interview process and recruits staff from all over the United States. Prospective employees must meet stringent physical and background screenings and complete a 9-day field interview, some of which includes hiking and learning wilderness survival skills.

What makes the ideal staff? The successful applicant must be self-motivated, resourceful, mature, able to handle stressful situations with a sense of humor, and be willing to learn. Wilderness experience is helpful, however, we teach the necessary skills. At-risk youth are constantly “pushing the envelope” trying to find their boundaries. A good mentor is one who helps them discover their limits while having fun and holding them accountable to their obligations. The group environment is a wonderful tool to help accomplish this. RedCliff staff learn to function as a team, both with each other and with the youth they are mentoring to reach new heights of achievement.

Few roles are more fulfilling in life than the role of mentor and few jobs offer the wide range of opportunities that RedCliff offers to its field staff. Hiking, camping, backpacking, beautiful scenery, wildlife, and dynamic interpersonal relationships all come with the job. Add to this the chance to tone up the physique and improve one’s level of self confidence and personal character, and you have a job that is hard to beat. In fact we view employment at RedCliff Ascent as more than a job - it is a lifestyle!

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