Note to Foreign Staff Applicants:

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Over the last few years, RedCliff Ascent has gained some international media attention. Because of this, we have had numerous inquiries from people around the world wishing to gain employment with RedCliff. We have seen interested applicants from the UK, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. We welcome this opportunity, however, the USA has some very strict immigration and work visa procedures in place.

Our first responsibility and priority is to the parents and teens enrolled in our program. Understandably, financial resources need to be directed to their care. Therefore, we regret not being in a position to sponsor international applicants specifically to work at RedCliff Ascent.

However, if there are international staff applicants with current paperwork completed and appropriate work visas already in place, we are very interested in pursuing those opportunities.

We have provided below the link to the U.S. Government Website that provides information on foreign work visas.

Thank you for your interest in employment with RedCliff Ascent.