Field Staff Job Description and FAQ’s

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Below are some of the questions that are frequently raised by people interested in working for us at RedCliff Ascent. Simply click a question to show or hide the answer.

What do Field Instructors do?
What are the requirements to become a Field Instructor?
Where can I get the certifications?
What is a BCI?
What are your Field Instructors like?
Is this year-round work?
Do you accommodate seasonal work or college internships?
How does the 8 on/ 6 off schedule work?
Are there scheduling options other than the 8 on/6 off?
What are your students like?
What if I decide to move there, will it be hard to find a place to live?
What is the compensation package?
How valuable is my previous experience in this field?
What is the Trek or Continuous Flow Expedition Model (CFE)?
Who owns your company?
Do you have career opportunities within your organization?
What about gear?
Where are you located and how do I get there?
Does RedCliff hire married couples?
What is the weather like in the area of operation?
What does a day in the life of a Field Instructor consist of?
What can I expect during the field interview?
What do Field Instructors teach?